Application and Registration

  • A signed and fully completed application form together with a non-refundable registration fee of £75 is required prior to confirmation of a place.
  • We will advise you in writing when a place is available.  You must confirm acceptance in writing and send your deposit within two weeks of receiving notification otherwise the place will be offered to someone else and you will be put back on the waiting list.
  • A deposit of two weeks fees is required on acceptance of a placement. The deposit is refundable in the form of a cheque when your child leaves Cedar Park provided they have attended for a minimum of six months and you have given at least one month’s notice in writing.  It may also be used to reduce any outstanding debt owed by you when your child leaves.
  • If, having paid a deposit, you do not take up the offered place your deposit will only be refunded if and when we are able to fill that place.



  • Our fees are based on a weekly fee which will be notified to you in advance of your child starting nursery. We may review these fees at any time and you will be informed of the revised amount at least one month before it takes effect.  If you do not wish to pay the revised fee you may withdraw your child by giving us one month’s notice in writing.
  • Fees must be paid on a monthly basis in advance and must be received no later than the 8th of every month.  Fees may be paid by internet banking, cheque, childcare vouchers or cash   Please ensure you obtain a receipt for cash as Cedar Park Nursery will not accept responsibility for lost cash unless a receipt has been issued.
  • If you fail to make payment in full by the due date we reserve the right to enforce an interest charge of 2% above the base rate of our bank on the fee outstanding for every day the invoice remains unpaid, along with an administration fee of £25.  This will be enforced without exception.
  • If your cheque bounces we will pass on the administration charges made by our bank.
  • No refund will be given for any period your child is unable to attend nursery due to illness or holiday.
  • The Nursery is closed on bank holidays but a full week’s fees are still payable. There is no charge when the Nursery is closed at Christmas.
  • It is not practical to swap sessions although we will try and accommodate any request in exceptional circumstances. If you have requested additional sessions the cost will be added to your invoice.
  • You will also be invoiced for any extras.
  • If you have been unable to collect your child by the official collection time you will be charged £25 for every quarter of an hour thereafter and this will be added to your invoice.
  • Where we offer a reduced fee after a child’s birthday that reduction will take effect from the first day of the following billing period.



You may withdraw your child at any time giving at least one month’s notice in writing.

We may require you to remove your child forthwith if:-

  • you have breached any of these terms and conditions and you have not or cannot put right that breach within a reasonable period of time of our asking you to
  • you have failed to pay your fees
  • you behave unacceptably or give physical or verbal abuse to staff or other parents or children
  • your child’s behaviour is unacceptable or endangers the safety and well being of any of the other children

You may withdraw your child if:-

  • we have breached any of our obligations to you and we have not or cannot put right the breach within a reasonable period after you have drawn it to our attention



We may suspend the provision of childcare to your child at any time if:

a)       You have failed to pay any fees

b)       Your child’s behaviour is unacceptable or endangers the safety and well being of any of the other children at the Nursery.  The suspension will continue whilst we try and address these problems with you

c)       Your child is suspended part way through a month under the condition mentioned above we shall give you a credit for any fees you have already paid for the remaining part of that month, calculated on a pro rata basis.  This credit may be offset against any sums payable by you to us.

d)       There is an occurrence of events beyond our control such as extra bank holidays, loss of power, heating or water or epidemics of contagious diseases



You will be required to:-

  • Complete a Child’s Personal Record before your child joins our nursery and immediately inform us of any change to the information provided therein
  • Immediately inform us if your child is suffering from any contagious disease and keep your child away from nursery until they are no longer contagious. For the welfare of all the children at Nursery any child suffering from sickness, diarrhoea or conjunctivitis must not return to Nursery for at least 48 hours from the last symptoms as these are highly infectious
  • Read and sign the forms of consent as explained in the Helpful Advice
  • Comply with the recommendations in the Helpful Advice  supplied



The above Terms and Conditions are considered to be fair and reasonable. The parent/guardian has read these Terms and Conditions contained and undertake to be bound by the same.

A downloadable version of this document is available here:

Cedar Park Terms and Conditions Sept2013